Tuesday, December 13, 2005

American Defender Pepper Spray


You have stumbled upon Malaysia's No. 1 legal weapons review blog. Item for today is:

American Defender Pepper Spray.

Comes with a safety cap and a wrist strap for your convenient defence.

Price: RM 48.50
Available at: ACE Hardware, IKANO Power Centre, Damansara Utama.

This little beast may be a little expensive but please consider the use of it in situations that seem priceless. :) Hey it's for my own perosnal protection for Pete's sake!

I bring it along for my usual evening jogs. Mostly to ward off dogs but yesterday seemed to be a very unfortunate day or is it? Please pardon my sadist self for today. Our topic is of course self defense.

I used it on some pesky dogs that were chasing me. Yes the dogs did squirm back to where they belonged but to my surprise, I was not aware of the wind that was blowing to my direction. You guess it. The spray was blown back to my face.

Now having pepper sprayed for the first time. It's one feeling that I'll never forget. It burns especially in the eyes and the only cure is by washing my eyes under cold running water for a good 10 minutes.

Lesson learnt: Never spray pepper spray against the wind. And by the way, you can reach your target as far as 2 meters.

My verdict; American Defender is the perfect legal weapon for yourself if you happen to come across the "evil".

Stay tuned for the next review. The steering wheel lock. Now how could a lock be a legal weapon in Malaysia? That you'll have to wait til next week. Like what the elders would say, " Anything can be a weapon depending on how you swing it".

Yeah take that!

Til next time, cheers and thank you for visiting.


Blogger muiyoon said...

You dont need to use pepper spray on innocent dogs lah. It's just instinctive on their part to chase people when they see running legs. Unless they're attacking you!

7:18 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

where can i purchase this pepper spray in Malaysia

11:17 PM  
Blogger bbatak80 said...

Any one, if you need to purchase pepper spray just sms 0125437720, it can deliver to your house, just get it.....

8:42 AM  
Blogger fishtail92 said...


How much is the price? And is the delivery in kl or what state?

6:08 AM  
Blogger bbatak80 said...

the price only RM 30 small RM60 medium, normally i will sell face to face coz need take the buyer identity, regarding PDRM

11:18 PM  
Blogger azmir said...

i need to know OC level,do you have 90gm and does it come with an holster??

9:33 PM  
Blogger Tired Of Your Bullshits said...

It's called karma
You got what you deserved for trying to do it to innocent animals who did not hurt you
Hope you get sprayed more

11:35 AM  

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